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Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Co-sponsored with the
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Is America Splitting in Two?

with guest speaker
Executive editor of the American Prospect and
a weekly columnist for the Washington Post

With the federal government generally gridlocked, the political action in America is taking place in its cities and states. As the Republican Party has come to be dominated by the South and the radical right, states under GOP control—including such previously moderate states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana—have passed "right to work" laws and laws intended to reduce minority voting—policies previously confined to the South.

States controlled by Democrats, by contrast, have been raising the minimum wage and passing paid-sick-day laws and laws designed to make voting easier. As the GOP becomes steadily more white, and the Democrats ever more multi-racial, the states are racing away from each other as they haven't done since the years before the Civil War.  

Harold Meyerson is executive editor of the American Prospect and a weekly columnist for the Washington Post. He also writes for many other publications and is frequently a guest on television and radio talk shows.


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